Natasha has been waiting years for her best friend Lamar to realize that they belong together. After finally gaining the courage to take matters into her own hands she finds the perfect moment on the perfect night and the perfect place to reveal her true feelings hoping for the perfect outcome. Her moment is stolen when another woman catches Lamar’s eye. Now Natasha must find a way to win the heart of the man she loves, because watching the man of her dreams fall for yet another woman is just too much to bear.

When Regina met Lamar it could only be described in one way. Fate. She hasn’t been around long, but she knows what she has with Lamar is the real thing. She is uncomfortable with Lamar’s female best friend and is sure that she is up to no good. How can Regina convince Lamar to step away from his friend for true love? A scandalous story of romance, friendship, and obsession told through a collection of emails. Regina and Natasha have both found the man of their dreams, and they are pulling out all the stops to have his heart.

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Are You Watching Me?

 A Short Story by Zoe Ray